Highlights & Excerpts

A tribute from Artistic Director · in memory of Honorary Founder Dr. Tony Zito (1941 - 2016)

Written by CheHo · Artistic Director


Allow me to share a personal story, keeping the reflective holiday sentiment in mind:

Since moving to the city after college, it's been altogether 7 years away from home. I've got to meet and work with people from all walks of life, none had been more dear to me than Dr. Tony Zito.

A retired psychiatrist, documentary producer, art & music lover, all in all a classic New Yorker hailed from upstate, Tony was a loving, generous, selfless soul, who would always have way too much food on the table when welcoming guests. Typical Italian.

I've come to know Tony in the later stages of his life while running The Q side by side. He'd never shy away from a perfect dry martini, always had the best old-time stories, and always reminding me how cheap the food was back in the 70s when he'd leave restaurants in Chinatown with a stuffed stomach & a bag full of takeout spending only $3.

Tony passed two weeks ago, and he is now at a place free of pain and away from the turmoil of today. This emptiness hits hard, but it only means he was extra special. Not only was he a mentor and grandfatherly figure to me, but also a dear friend to many.

tony&me b&w.JPG

I am grateful for this lasting friendship that has changed my life and helped me grow into the man I am today. The Q started out of Tony's apartment (apt. numbered Q), aiming to bring people together through curated intimate cultural experiences, and has since branched out to living rooms and places across New York City. Since putting together the inaugural season, the organization has featured and supported multidisciplinary works of young talents and has created a close-knit community that shares its vision.

The Q is excited to announce the commencement and partnerships of Season 2 in a short while, and at the meantime continue to honor Tony who, in the late stages of his life, dedicated himself to the organization.

Thank you to those who have sent their love and blessings. I wish to honor Tony's memory by being a part of the way he saw the world and to carry on his legacy through the project, which was described as "an endeavor and testimonial of love" in his own words. May his spirit live among us.

Rest peacefully, Tony.