The Q is a music organization that brings people together through curated intimate cultural experiences while supporting emerging artists by bringing multidisciplinary art performances into living rooms & intimate spaces, engaging community and building network within the arts. 


The Q is a creative organization that connects society and brings people together through intimate cultural experiences.


 In the digital age we live in, where convenience is only a swipe or a click away, The Q is reviving one quintessential aspect of our lives: intimacy in human connectivity. We host and curate unique home concert events that feature and support creative talents while providing a platform to explore diversity in musical culture and highlight social issues.


Instead of bringing casual entertainment to house parties, we are sponsoring top tier musicians, artists and creative talents from film, literature, multimedia, food industries, to magician and perfumer to curate programs with enticing themes to each and every concert event. We aim to put together experiences that are memorable, and are mutually rewarding to both the audiences and the performers

You don't need a backstage pass to get to know the artists.

From tales of playing at local dive bars, pre-concert wardrobe malfunciton at Radio City Music Hall, to getting locked out of a Carnegie Hall dressing room, or what it is like to perform and travel with a million dollar Stradivarius made in the 17th century, hear all kinds of stories they are more than excited to share with you over a drink.


After the release of the documentary Seymour: an introduction, Executive Producer Dr. Tony Zito invited violinist CheHo to give a house concert, followed by a screening of the film. The two then began hosting soirées out of Tony's apartment (fittingly numbered Q), the very place where the film's director Ethan Hawke met Seymour Bernstein, subject of the film.

The Q has since been invited by hosts, brands, film festivals, and The United Nations for performances and events taking place across New York.

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TONY ZITO | Honorary Founder

Since his retirement from the medical profession due to illness, Dr. Tony Zito (1941-2016) had been of service in various cultural endeavors, including being the Executive Producer of the documentary Seymour: an introduction, before founding The Q with CheHo.

CHEHO| Artistic Director

CheHo was invited to perform at President Barack Obama's Inaugural Luncheon in 2013, and has appeared at Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, classrooms and hospitals across the globe.

One of his proudest moments was seeing the burst of joy from a 2nd grader when she learned to make a sound from the violin.


You could tell the world-class performers, literally within arm’s reach, were enjoying the moment as much as we did. It wasn’t just another show or concert in town; this is by far one of the things I love the most about being in New York.
— audience member from Back In The Swing Of Things