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The Q is a music organization that brings people together through curated intimate cultural experiences while supporting emerging artists by bringing multidisciplinary art performances into living rooms & intimate spaces, engaging community and building network within the arts. 



The Q brings people together through close-knit cultural experiences. It curates and presents artists and creatives of multidisciplinary genres in living rooms & other intimate spaces. Through these shared collective experiences, The Q engages audience and community in a unique and immersive format, that also expands social networks and encourages diversity in musical culture.


Film, poetry, magic, visual art, multimedia, and food pairing combined with diverse genres of musical performances, The Q curates and presents a refreshing way of experiencing multidisciplinary performances in a close-knit setting.

You don't need a backstage pass to get to know the artists.

Pick their brains, and hear all kinds of fascinating stories they are more than excited to share with you. What better ways to socialize and meet like-minds in the city?


After the release of the documentary Seymour: an introduction, Executive Producer Dr. Tony Zito invited violinist CheHo Lam to give a house concert, followed by an excerpt screening of the film. The two then began hosting soirées out of Tony's apartment (numbered Q), the very place where director Ethan Hawke met Seymour Bernstein, subject of the film.

Since then, guests and corporates have started opening up their living rooms & spaces, with performances and events spreading across New York.

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A native of upstate New York, DR. TONY ZITO ( 1941 - 2016 ) studied piano for years before relocating to New York City for the completion of his psychiatric residency at the New York Hospital's Payne Whitney Clinic. After tours of duty as chief resident, admitting psychiatrist and Director of the Day Hospital, he moved out into private practice.

Since his full retirement from the medical profession due to illness, he had been of service in various cultural endeavors, including being the Executive Producer of the documentary Seymour: an introduction, and giving a piano concert to celebrate his 70th birthday before founding the project with CheHo Lam.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, artistic director & violinst CHEHO was selected to perform at President Obama's second Inaugural Luncheon at the Capitol in Washington D.C.. He has also appeared as soloist at venues ranging from Carnegie Hall and The United Nation Headquarter, to classrooms and hospitals across the globe.

An enthusiast of all things arts and culture, CheHo has had the chance to work with professionals and creatives of different media since moving to New York City after college. He is passionate about curating, reimagining programming, and promoting this collective experience to all, as well as creating ways to make it accessible.

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